26 July, Witness Joshua Rubin reports

We have stood vigil at Homestead for months.

We watched as Tornillo closed.

When Carrizo Springs opened we were there.

At Fort Sill, activists marched and reminded them that opening a camp for children was not going to happen without opposition.

Carrizo Springs is closed.

Fort Sill may never open.

Homestead has had its population shrink by 1800. They are saying it will go to zero. Most kids, they tell us, are going to sponsor families. Some are going to other shelters.

We aren’t done. Far from it. We need to watch to see that every child leaves Homestead. Hold their feet to the fire. Witnesses, this is a time to use our eyes.

And then?

Follow them all. They say influx shelters are closing. Hold them to it.

And then?

The children need us to see. To make sure they are not invisible.

To see is to love. To witness.

We are witnesses. We won’t let them out of our sight.

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