24 July, Witness Marty Levine reports

Day 164 at Homestead. A large group from the Tampa, Florida area left today. We continue to have a mix of out-of-staters as well as people from various areas of Florida and locals. A rabbi and minister arrived from California today. They thoroughly enjoyed waving the big red hearts to the children. Another Rabbi will arrive tomorrow. I saw the hearing before the House of Representatives subcommittee which has jurisdiction over the unaccompanied children which mostly discussed the Homestead Detention Camp. It is certainly heartening that Homestead is allegedly down to approximately 900 children and that no new ones have arrived since early July. We have not be able to verify this on the ground as a lot of movement takes place in the middle of the night. We also cannot verify that employees have been leaving. In fact, we still see new employees arriving! So the unanswered questions remain – where did all these children go so quickly? If they were able to be matched up with relatives so quickly, why wasn’t this being done all along? One of the government witnesses at the hearing testified that the number of children leaving was due to a policy change. Well, if this is so, what took the government so long to institute this new policy? I hope we are now witnessing the dismantling of Homestead. I for one am skeptical and am not yet ready to pop the champagne bottles. There is news of the new Child Detention Camp in Torrizo, Texas shutting down and of the one planned in Fort Sill, Oklahoma not opening. What is going on? Something. And why? I would like to believe that the pressure applied by our constant witnessing is playing a part. We have been shedding light on the government sanctioned child abuse and neglect at Homestead. One of the government witnesses at the hearing today mentioned our constant protest at Homestead. We should be able to see in the next several weeks whether we can believe that something significant is happening at Homestead. We must continue witnessing. Come on down to Homestead if you can. Pray for the children.

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